This is for social good! This Open Letter was written by the Principal of Bergvliet High School to President Zuma

Definately worth a read if you are a parent with young school leavers.  Please click on the hyperlink below.


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One response to “This is for social good! This Open Letter was written by the Principal of Bergvliet High School to President Zuma

  1. My own response:
    Great read and Sapiens dominabitur astris to Stephen Price. Being a young parent, with a boy who has over 10 years to go before matric, I would like to comment that Zuma in my opinion is not political at al. He has a chip on his shoulder like Mugabe, so all his actions are out of protecting his ego (and buffering his bank account), there is no fair political agenda with Zuma, lost all interest in him, and definately dont support him…another African dictator on the rise. Unfortunately, the more he gets criticised, the more alien he will become….the Mugabe/Idi Amin syndrome. It’s just a pity that the masses who follow him are not all that educated (dsbarring a few who are just ignorant or being enriched from his lbad eadership), and/or just understand the custom role he plays within their culture of “Chief” and “Tribe”, (which is norm to take gifts as a cheif of a tribe) For the rest of the country,he does is squat. Not a 1st World leader or modern day thinker this country needs right now.We headed for SH1T if Zuma continues. Bring back a God gifted Mandela, or let this country be led by a person who is more educated and savvy. We sick and tired of “Toy, toying Jujus”, and feeding (or throwing) bananas at these monkeys…we as African’s migrated out of the jungle years ago. I enjoyed the open letter written by the Bergvliet High School principal to his matric school leavers, as the youth progress in South Africa,they becoming more resilient towards their leaders being immoral and reprobate, and are starting to follow the belief system of the Chinese, which is one that surpasses time, place and situation, just get on with life, grow, develop, be bold, be positive, be an International citizen,see the bigger picture, this political situation in SA, too shall pass….meaning, “Do I get the hell out of this country or stick it out! I hope those matriculants have been moulded in the latter by their local leaders, parents and community. We need a rebuild with a strong moral and community driven fiber, which seems to be coming from the youth. (Lates poll indicates that 90% of SA youth want Zuma out) ‘Supera Moras!”

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