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Ian Anderson‘s insight:

South Africa is in conflict, and people are shooting in all directions as to whom is to blame. Past racism politics is one of them. The problem is much more complex, with over 300 different cultural tribes in South Africa alone, China exploiting the African continents rich resources, with no scruples concerning promoting bribery and corruption amongst it’s morally corrupt and weak leaders.


As mentioned on Facebook by Lazola Ndamase, says:

"This year was a turning point in our society. It was for the first time that a black government turned its guns and mowed down black workers in a labor dispute. It was the first time unions and some union leaders rejected the demands of workers and united with the bosses. It was for the first time that the ANC endorsed the barbaric acts of Police in the name of the rule of law.

But this was also a bright year. It marked a turning point in labor disputes. It was the first time workers realized that power lies in their hands and not in the hands of unions or union bosses. It was the first time that workers realized that unions are their own creation and should be answerable to them. I hope workers carry the bravery of this year into the next year. I hope workers declare the next years as years of heightened mass action against the capitalist system and the capitalist class."

Africa is diverse, it has it’s diverse and unique set of problems.Instead of throwing aid and 1st World protocol, my personal opinion is that Africa is need of prayer, for good strong ethical leaders to bring restoration and hope amongst it’s people…We have the resources, we just need Faith and encouragement.



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