A must do to prevent hacking of your Google, Facebook,Microsoft & more online Apps – Two-factor authentication for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more

Don’t think you don’t have to do this, as hacking is very serious today. Please sort your online security, be proactive to prevent huge disappointment, and prevent being hacked. Prevention is better than cure. I have all read enough about are Facebook account profiles being compromised over the last few months, and other horrific hacking disapointments. Please go to http://goo.gl/diRH1L , go through the steps for your various online services and get peace of mind.

Two-factor authentication may not be as sexy as the latest Android phone , but the technology is capturing news headlines, and deservedly so. Last week, Microsoft began rolling out this security tool for its some 700 million Microsoft Account users. Tuesday Wired reported  Twitter is working on two-factor authentication as well.

It’s a security feature that could have stopped hackers at the gate before they seized control of the Associated Press Twitter account, and it’s something you should be using to protect your own online accounts, wherever it’s available.

So how does two-factor authentication work? In a nutshell, it requires not one but two pieces of privileged information before granting access to an online account…a bit like online banking.

Read and implement this process from  http://goo.gl/diRH1L, it’s worth it to action by going through the easy picture and text guide!

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August 7, 2013 · 3:21 pm

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