Don’t Hire A Chief Data Officer Unless You’re Serious About Becoming A Data-Driven Company

As we are roaring into the digital age, management considerations are required to address the management of data, which is one of the factor which drives companies.


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There’s a lot of discussion in the business world right now about chief data officers (CDOs). It’s centered primarily around two questions: When should a business hire a CDO? And, What should this person do?

No organization should seriously consider hiring a new C-level executive without fully understanding the strategic purpose of that role. Yet that’s exactly where many companies are today: They have come to realize that data is a critical business asset, and they’re not managing it effectively. They are desperate to have someone swoop in, take control of everything data-related and make it all better.

This approach is wrongheaded. The CDO should not be expected to assume the entire “data problem” for an organization. If you think differently, you’re not ready to hire a CDO.

How will you know if you are ready? When your business is prepared to execute a formal big-data strategy and…

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