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Can malaria be eliminated?

Having caught malaria three times myself, while in Nigeria,this is a subject which is very close to my heart.

Since the perceived failure of the Global Programme for Malaria Eradication in 1969, the eradication of malaria has not been considered a feasible goal. However, in October 2007 the goal of malaria eradication was resurrected by Melinda and Bill Gates, and this aspiration has subsequently been endorsed by the WHO and by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership. This change in direction of malaria control has provoked a vigorous debate within the malaria research and control communities as to whether resurrection of the goal of eradication at this point in time is helpful or likely to be counterproductive. The consensus that has emerged is that eradication of malaria, although theoretically possible, is not likely to be feasible within the medium term using existing control tools. However, malaria elimination (cessation of local transmission) is a realistic short- to medium-term goal for an increasing number of countries that are already bringing malaria under control.

See the full Science Direct PDF Article: j.trstmh.2008.10.027

Further article web links can be found on Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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Builders Warehouse,Somerset West in collaboration with Rape Crisis fundraiser on Monday,9 August 2010

Fundraising for Rape CrisisBuilders Warehouse in Somerset West in collaboration with Rape Crisis Helderberg are hosting a fundraiser on Monday the 9th August 2010 at Builders Warehouse!!For every single sale made on the day, R5-00 will be donated to Rape Crisis Helderberg by Builders Warehouse. This is a huge and amazing pledge by a local business,Builders Warehouse to make a difference in the lives of women of the Helderberg Basin! Rape Crisis Helderberg serves the survivors of sexual abuse in the Helderberg. For more information go to or phone 021-852 5620 to make a donation!

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Local Helderberg Marketing Company, CyberAfrica chosen to do Digital Marketing campaign for London to Cape Town epic journey for Riders for Health

Deon Friis, a Cape Town based engineer, left London yesterday (on his birthday) on an epic motorcycle journey on a Inspired by Ewan McGregor. A local South African working as an engineer in London for the last 6 months, he is travelling solo across 11 African countries, over 55 days, on a BMW RS 1200 GS motorbike, in aid of the charity Riders for Health. Please support this wonderful cause, to raise funding ‘Riders for Health’ which is a non-governmental organization dedicated to reaching communities in rural Africa with health care on a regular basis by establishing an infrastructure of reliable and sustainable transportation. Riders for Health mobilise health workers from ministries of health and local organizations, enabling them to reach outlying communities with vital and often life-saving health care.

CyberAfrica has been chosen to provide all digital marketing via social media for this epic journey. The founder, Ian Anderson commented:
“We are excited to provide live updates, using the best technologies available on the Internet. Social Media is the pre-eminent social media marketing in the world today— and we are leading the way in “social media for social good.”

CyberAfrica coalesces the strengths of traditional and social media to help its clients –- best-of-class brands, socially-conscious companies and leading charitable organizations elevate brand equity, drive revenue, boost donations, build brand evangelism and catalyze social change. We do good business with good people as we do good in our world.

We are not a public relations firm wearing a social media hat. We are a highly-effective, highly-selective social media firm that helps brands get the most out of social media — whatever their business, whatever their goals. We hand-select a few best-of-class clients each year, which enables us to provide unequalled service and unmatched results.

Social media also gives you the opportunity to tell your own story in your own way. You’re not limited to “the story you think you can sell to the reporter.”

Ian Anderson, chatted to Deon before he left London yesterday. Deon has put everything on line; he has resigned from his job in London, all his personal savings are being used for the trans-African trip, and his wife just lost her job in Cape Town. They also have a three year old daughter to support, but his philanthropic motivation for this cause is very important to him. Speaking to his wife Leone in Cape Town this morning, she supports Deon 100% with what he is doing, and being a South Africa male, she says he needs to follow through his adventurous spirit, and she looks forward to a content Deon when he arrives back.

Follow Deon’s journey on his London 2 The Cape site , and please help donate to the wonderful cause. All donations can be made through a Paypal account for Riders for Health, and we are in the process of opening a South African bank account and credit card donation link.

The South African,a media mag for South African’s in London, spoke to Deon about the journey and his cause. See The South African article.

One can also follow Deon’s live comments on his Twitter account and see the Riders for Health website on what they worthy fundraising cause is about.

Bon Voyage Deon, we wish you God speed on your journey, and may there be many donations forthcoming!

From the CyberAfrica team!

Ian Anderson can be contacted on:


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