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World’s first open platform for public transport data in emerging cities

WhereIsMyTransport is a rapidly growing, Cape Town-based technology start up that is redefining public transport in emerging cities mainly through Africa. They provide an integrated public transport platform that enables cities, operators, and developers to optimize service and bring a scalable, sustainable solution to public transport, specifically in emerging markets with a high degree of informal transport.

WhereIsMyTransport’s 13 local data collectors spent three weeks recording taxi journeys in Cape Town, mapping 657 unique routes, covering 8 870 km’s, and capturing 1 482 of the most commonly used stops, with an average journey cost of R10.86 ($0.80).

These data points have been added to the WhereIsMyTransport platform alongside data for the city’s formal transport network to provide a complete picture of all of the transport options available to residents of the city.

Devin De Vries, co-founder of WhereIsMyTransport, comments: “Fully mapping Cape Town is a phenomenal achievement for our team. We’ve demonstrated that complex transport systems can be mapped at a much lower cost than many cities believe. With our efficient technology and methodology, even large cities don’t need to spend millions to map their networks.

“We have already mapped two more cities and will be releasing data for South Africa’s major metros this year. And that’s just the beginning: we’re excited by the potential for cities across Africa.”

Cape Town will be followed by East London and Gaborone in March 2017. WhereIsMyTransport will continue collecting taxi network data in South Africa’s major cities including Port Elizabeth, Durban, Johannesburg, Tshwane, Ekurhuleni, and Bloemfontein, all due to be complete by mid-2017.

The company is in discussion with cities and local partners with the intention of fully mapping 20 African cities by the end of 2018. It already holds data on informally-run networks in Accra and Nairobi.

While the company currently works with its own team to collect data, it has also created a toolkit to enable any individual, organisation, or city to map their transport network. The toolkit includes a purpose-built app, methodology and planning techniques for tackling even the most sprawling cities, and support from the WhereIsMyTransport team to make data available through the platform.

The WhereIsMyTransport platform allows developers, transport operators and government officials to build solutions like journey planners, fare estimators, communications tools and connected digital signage, improving access to public transport information for citizens in emerging cities, as well as providing insight and analytics to aid city planning.

Graeme Leighton, data collection co-ordinator for WhereIsMyTransport, says: “We believe that the information challenge in South African cities undermines our infrastructure. We want to make the systems that exist more accessible for everyone. In Cape Town, every assumption we had about the network was challenged. We discovered dozens of previously unknown routes, and found many documented routes no longer operated.

“We invite others to put their own cities on the map and make their systems more accessible,” he adds “Our tools are available to anyone interested in contributing to our platform, the world’s first open platform for public transport data in emerging cities.”



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SA a very sick society in massive denial

  There is no disagreement that South Africa is a very sick nation, with the new elite being accused of “spitting in the faces of the poor”. A well written article and good read is: SA a very sick society in massive denial.

I follow Chris Greenland (alias ProJusticio ), an ex constitution court judge from Zimbabwe. He also manages the SA Liberation Initiative group on Facebook for  practical proposals for a manifesto of change, the kind of change that will help people have work, housing and dignity.

This article has been selected as an Editor’s Choice report from Articles are selected based on quality of writing, audience response, newsworthiness and originality, and is at the discretion of the MyNews24 editors.

This Article, is definately worth a reblog for conscious South African citizens who are willing to make the difference in our country.

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Spotlight on Social Media engaging and helping stamp out Crime and Corruption in SA.

Image  In the spirit of what I am trying to achieve on the CyberAfrica blog, I am definately and humbled not to be in a vacuum, and must admiraly comment on how the local web in SA has gone viral in mass, on trying to counteract Crime and Corruption in South Africa.

There are many groups tirelessly and persistant in trying to stamp out the huge exponential rise in crime and corruption in our vulnerable country. From Facebook, Twitter, Websites, RSS Feeds, You Tube and many blogs, there has been a counteractive, counter resistance group, rise up from the people against all odds, who do want to make a real difference. A local blogger I can comment on is Jeremy Farrell.

It’s very encouraging to say the least, that we have reached a stage where crime and corruption are being reported and broadcasted live, where all have a say, and it’s comes with a warm heart to know, that most South African citizens are voicing their dismay and discontent about the unruly, including certain members and people holding onto power in our government.

  Although the Clem Sunters and First Rand Founder Paul Harris’s (see Don’t Stress about SA) , paint a relatively positive future for our Economy, what is the point of having an economy when charlatan’s are eating away the very base and foundation of our community fiscal strongholds? Not being sinical but, how does it help comment on positive change in our country, when the moral fiber of our supposed leadership is being devoured and eaten away by greed, nepotism, undue enrichment,self entitlement and huge moral decay.

I truly believe that a “litmus test” to show how one’s government is taking a moral stand and accountability for it’s people, is measured by how it’s own people. less empowered ,community leaders and people are having to tackle more community responsibilities, and provision them by themselves,and need to be more aware and engaged. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the government is losing it’s grip on providing a safe haven for it’s people, the people will create one by themselves. This has been seen time and time again in 3rd World countries, but here comes the advent of easily, fast and available technology, individuals are now empowered to make a difference, good or bad…”The Good Digital Divide” is happening and let’s pray “the good” prevails and grows from strength to strength.

  A had a few exciting developments started in 2007, with the warfare and sabotage on corruption and these forces becoming more apparent on our radar screens, the Net tools (weapons and ammunition) have exponentionally evolved in SA. One of the catalysts, I need to mention is from Graham Power‘s planting a seed by sharing  his personal and spiritual vindication, with  This organisation creating a business leaders  pledge and awareness campaign, promoting a Christian ethos against unethical business practice asking owners and customers to join the rise up against this Samson called corruption.

The SARS has been on the ball a web link for anybody to report any suspicious business or fraudulent activity on Then followed by a direct live community based interactive reporting portal which was originally (and ironically)  for traffic fine camera warnings, to prevent the public from being speed trapped or held up at a police road block. It  has now evolved into a full blown community driven crime and corruption broadcast,  live from all walks (literally from mobile phones) of life in SA including police and paramedics on the scene of each tragedy. “A community driven policing force”, if one would call it. See and It’s interesting, good always seems to rise above bad in the collective community sense.

  Missing Children SA, started the good fight against human trafficking, to provide a structure of re-active support to the family, authorities and other NGO’s when a person goes missing; To provide pro-active national awareness to children and their families, media, authorities, communities and schools.  – Missing Children SA is fulfilling a huge void, and has a highly important and powerful role in our society .

It’s scary when one Googles human trafficking in Africa, a common problem around the world, but rampant in this continent due to corrupt migration systems, officials and lack of policing.  Good sites to take up the cause are, concerning South Africa Human trafficking go to The statistics are frightening to say the least, see: Just Saskia, Stop Trafficking People, or UNESCO‘s Report on Child Trafficking.

Not to mention for the love of our furry friends ther is also

  There are many to mention and too many to thank and applaud for this boom of social entrepeneurship, I have not even included The New Era Economic Rights Alliance which is fighting the good battle for everyone , seeking transparency in the banking and corporate sector in SA. Protecting you & I against unscrupulous financial corporates and conglomerates, who have, and are colluding and taking advantage of the ordinary man in the street, billing them unecessary, taking away their homes and life savings, in the name of greed and profit, all this by mere small written contract clauses,which surpass our basic constitutional rights. Have you known about a bank who will reach out a hand to us, during financial lows?…No, not I, just even to protect our family and provide a sheltered home, that is not written in the contract, sorry Sir, pay up or you and your family is on the street!

Then comes, Corruption Watch (CW)  which was invited to make a presentation at the Institute for Security Studies’ international conference on crime and criminal justice on Friday, 26/10/2012

Within three days of Corruption Watch’s launch on 26 January 2012, more than 70 reports relating to metro cop bribery, allegations of nepotism and driving-licence corruption had been received from across South Africa, the presentation reads.

A total of 945 reports of corruption have been lodged with the organisation between 1 January* and 30 September this year, according to the presentation titled Citizens reporting corruption in South Africa: reports received by Corruption Watch.  is one of the many interactive social media platforms, which gives the public a very powerful voice, it empowers our communities, gives us all a vote of confidence,a huge leap into the Digital Age, but most of all, proving that most out there have an inclination towards contributing towards social good, showing a geniune care towards our fellow beings, our neighbours, our watchers, our service providers, and of course protecting our family. The arrival of the neighbourhood watch are on Uber Digital scale has arrived! Even as I write this blog, Google has launched a Hurrican Map and reporting site for Hurrican Sandy.

A similar watchdog is Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) on, JPSA has established a prominent foothold and reputation in protecting and fighting for the rights of motorists and is widely recognised as the only “motorists’ rights” organisation that has both, the guts and capacity to represent the motoring public in addressing these issues. Their Facebook link is

The founder in South Africa of taking the community policing to the Internet is eBlockwatch, which is on URL: eBlockwatch has been very innovative in combatting crime and protecting our vulnerable citizens in a crime ridden society. From protecting tourists visiting South Africa, to tracking down stolen goods, and of course people, using cloud and mobile software tools, eblockwatch is a network of more than 83 000 South Africans looking out for each other and our tourists. There Facebook link is:

For the hard workers, who want to know that that their sweat & blood went into paying taxes for the right reasons, for the parents who are looking for their lost loved ones,for the community builders, for the police, for the security watchmen, for the paramedics, for the teachers, for our churches, and lastly for our government, society is becoming engaged in mass, engaged to protect and nurture one another . It’s simple, poor governance=corruption=disparity 7 disorder= break down of law and order= rise up of the masses=factions=unrest=protecting ones civil rights=creates solidarity = fighting for cause= protecting your neighbours=public engagement=collaborating=creating awareness = the peoples voice (media) =using the best tools and groups to go viral=using online social networking. And hopefully a democratic driven mediation for better governance.

So, whatever your cause is, online groups, social media can at least empower you or your social cause, to actively partake and polic your local neighbourhood, your community and in the case of South Africa at present, our government!

We hope and pray that the voice of the people, and technology brings a better future and equality for all in SA.

I will end this blog with the quotations on the Justice Project South Africa’s website: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, all that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men and woman to do nothing, what lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.”

Some good reference websites on reporting and fighting the “good” fight:

My next detailed Blog post, will be about the big global move towards Social Entrepreneurship.

Happy Blogging!

This is CyberAfrica reporting on “Social media for Social Good. ”

Social entrepreneurship is the recognition of a social problem and the uses of entrepreneurial principles to organise, create and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change.

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Fatherhood – Who’s responsibility?

  Something happened to me in the last three days. I landed up at a musical festival event over this past weekend, with over 10 000, 20 to 30 year old music fans, Rocking in the Daisies, in Darling near Malmesbury in the Western Cape. A 20 something guy walked up to me, while sitting having a relaxed beer with my better half, and while watching the live entertainment me he spoke softly as he walked by: “You could be my father…” I looked at him astonished, my instinct kicked in and I hugged him, and words I never thought I would say: “Of course, I would be honored to be your father”, the young man looked at me, at first with apprehension, then his eye’s welted, he hugged me tightly, and sniffed on my shoulder, saying: “I did not expect that response, I have a father, but he is has not been a real father, thank so much.”

Yesterday early morning at sunrise, I had an accident in the Planet Fitness, Parklands gym car park, where a vehicle swerved in front of me as I was aiming towards parking bay; I swerved, got blinded by the bright sunlight, and hit a tree, with huge impact and crash, with no seatbelt on. I got out of the car dazed from whiplash and concussion after hitting my head on the steering wheel, and there in front of me, while my adrenaline burst into my veins, was a meek young white man in his twenties. He was a street child I assumed, from his hardened and burnt white skin and dirty rough appearance. The impact was so loud, apparently like a gun shout that one of the young male gym staff shot out. The street child was just asking if I was ok, while the gym guy stood on the outside and looked on. The driver, who caused the accident, just drove off, saying he was sorry. While in a daze, I realized when I got out of the car to assess the damage, had locked my car keys in the car. I must have looked fairly helpless, until my adrenaline kicked in, and I started taking control again, saying I need a coat hanger, cloth and screwdriver. The gym guy said to me, “sorted sir”, and off he ran. The street boy immediately started using his nail clipper file, to attempt to open my boot. My first reaction was that he was going to try and rob my car. I walked up to him, filled with judgment, and said what you doing. He said: “Sir, I want to help you”  My reaction again was, no thanks, I have assistance already, trying to get him away from my car, but he  insisted, and said he will also go and look for a piece of wire.

He came back empty handed by the time the gym guy had brought the tools I needed, and I started attempting to break into my car. The street boy, stood next to me insistent to assist. I realized my concussion and adrenaline rush was not making it easy for me, and handed over the task to the street boy. He got into my car within two minutes, and said that would be R50 please sir. I did not have the money, but i looked at him, appreciative of his assistance, but something happened. I said: “Are you on drugs, why do you look so terrible (from past experience of drug pushes in the area) “No Sir he said, I live on the streets, my father is an alcoholic and my mother is dead”… cowering like a wounded buck, as his whole demeanor wreathed with fear, as though I was going to lunge into him. I just seemed to pursue my angle of questions, but realized, my words were not coming out of anger, or plain curiosity, but out of another part of me…a deep nurturing sense, I had not identified and fully embraced yet…

I landed up contesting the young street guy, about why he lives on the streets, he is healthy, fit, young, but a broken person…why? I was persistent to understand why he was a broken young man. It eventually transpired, that his  mother, before she died, spoke to him, about to be careful of other people, and that he would need to stand  alone in life, as people take you for a ride, as other people ruin people’s lives.

My life as a boy flashed by me…It made me think of my army years from 18 to 20 yrs old in the mid 80’s, of how I was thrown in a washing machine with a mixed bunch colored clothing with different textures,sizes, shapes and smells and spun around together, until settled.The drug peddler from Milnerton, who slept in the bed next to me, in our army bungalow, the gay, who committed suicide  during our basics, the Jewish musician who had only socialized with his people, the Bishop’s boys, who  thought they were entitled and privileged , the timid guy who cried for his mommy at night…the guy who did not bath and smelt like gorgonzola cheese, the bully, the joker, the “dik Boer seuntjie” who would wake up at dawn ready to herd his cattle. BUT…throughout the army training…we all were  brought down to the same level, hair cut the same, ate the same food, shat off running miles and doing pushups and drilled  all day, and became a solid team after 3 months,  where camaraderie reigned supreme…we became soldiers…with  a common goal…solidarity. We, together were the mother, the father, the boss, the candlestick maker, the farmer, the doctor, the court jester, the musician, the fire maker, the close friend…we nurtured and cared for each other, we began to look after each other as a close-knit family would. This was brotherhood.

It took me back four years ago, when I was broken adult, at the age of 40+, divorced, a kid on its way with an  estranged pregnant girlfriend, whom I loved dearly at the time, and she did not love me, no job…broken-hearted, lost confidence, lost all  zest for life, a lifeless zombie…

A friend and older mentor of mine, whom I had met 12 years prior in South Africa, an ex UK Army  Colonel, reached out to me from Scotland, set up a project in Florida (USA), flew me over there, where I became  the Colonel’s “bagger boy.” I rebelled, I shouted, as he kept put me under a strict disciplined regime…He  treated me like a child…I thought…I was in Orlando USA, I could go and see all the Universal and Disney  World class entertainment sites, The Space Museum, but no…I had to work up to 18 hours a day. Scrub the apartment, make the beds,  wash the clothes, be the driver, be the researcher, be the assistant photographer, be the shopper, be the cook,  make the beds, pack for long trips, be the co-driver, be the PA, be the correspondent, be the secretary. I was frustrated, I was sad, I was missing my family and friends, I felt trapped, my freedom revoked, I felt exasperated, like a petulant child. He made me stand in a queue from 4 am in the morning, to buy the new release of I PAD just launched, he was hard on me, but generous with pearls of wisdom…When I left Orlando International Airport, and Big Mr. Colonel gave me a embracing hug, and said I should be grateful… I could not understand this and the time…???I was just so relieved to be on my way home.

I came back after 4 months to South Africa, 20 Kg’s lighter, still pondering why my mentor and friend had turned on me. I did not contact him for almost a year…and then the last three days happened…

I was still going on at the street boy, in my concussed state, challenging him, why he cannot join the army, find a job, get off the streets, make a life for himself, find some sort of hook, to get him out of the pit he is in. His just answered: “I can’t, I need a place to sleep and money, even though I did two years of apprentice plumbing, my boss ask me to resign.” What, I said, are you  sure you did not steal or take drugs to lose your job?…”No sir, the boss has a training Plumbing School  called Monster Plumbing in Milnerton, and during your training you work as an apprentice for no pay, but when you qualified they  don’t want to pay you.” I believed him, by the sincere look in his eyes, paused, while my head was thumping with pain, and asked him his name…Frederick. He said. I came on stronger, and more sternly, as my neck was going into spasm from the whiplash, my adrenaline still pumping through my veins …”Frederick, you need to get your life sorted out, I barked. Only realising I was talking about myself 4 years back…Frederick, you going to need a father…I said it. “I’ve already got one, all I need is money he said, talking back in a one sided dialogue, still anticipating a lashing from me. I looked at Frederick, knowing I had no money with me,  but I knew…I had something more to give than money…I was getting impatient concerning Fredericks cry for  money and glanced at the gym entrance, indicating I had to go. Then the gym boy took over the conversation, seeming to wait his turn. He stood there in tears and told Frederick about his father…who was a mentor…not his real father…who got his  head right. He too was a broken young man before…

I listened, acknowledged, and said I had to go to gym, to loosen up my neck, as time was running out, and I had to get to work to a tough schedule that day. While I paced towards the gym entrance, I heard behind me the echo of the gym boys voice…”Frederick, you don’t realize what you have here, this guy you talking to is worth more it’s weight in gold…you must listen to him and stop asking for money!” I heard parts of the gym boys story about a mentor father figure had changed his life in the last 2 years, who had bogged him down with work and challenged him, when he had nothing…same story, different people.

I finished my swim, walked out the gym, and there was Frederick, sitting, facing and watching the entrance of the gym with his weary eyes. He approached me, head down, as I walked towards my car. “Sir, are you serious that you  will stand in as my father?”; he said this with watered and weary eyes, looking at me deep into me with  caution, but an innocence and sincerity, holding onto some sort of confirmation, a fear of rejection, fear of being loved…fear of being hurt, fear of being  beaten, fear of being disappointed again…

I am a father, I have a 2 1/2 year stunning and adorable son, but I have become a father again, in a different way, to a twenty something year old boy…and I am ready and prepared to be a father over and over again, for the rest of my life.

We know we a father when we kneel to help a child…Our fatherly role is a gift from God, not only to  father your own flesh and blood, as there are heartbroken hearted children in the world, who have had absent fathers or absent parents or were re-enforced with FEAR.

“A child identifies his parents with God, whether the adults want that role or not. Most people “see” God the way they perceive their earthly fathers.” ~James Dobson

Be a father, be a mentor, use the gifts God gives us, even if you do not have your own children, or if they are not your own children, share this immense gift… It’s like feeling the kiss of warmth of the sun on ones cheek, a taste and feel of God’s Heavenly Grace…

“What higher form of respect and love can you demonstrate than to put yourself aside and give nothing but a few minutes of your attention?” ~Chris Ewing

“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life.” ~Sandra Carey

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Schools eNetwork Project – We need your support!

As a business development manager, my goal is to keep current with one’s market,setup & manage strategic relationships & alliances with companies.Leveraging each other’s expertise, technologies or intellectual property to expand our capacities for identifying, researching, analyzing and bringing to market new business,services & products.

South Africa is one of the gateways of doing business in Africa, as an extension of my work role, I attempt to promote and contribute to ICT and technology development, which can be sustainable in Africa, by using a networking arena for the promotion of empowering technologies – Energizing Africa is the vision & Breaking the Digital Divide is the way…

The strengths of tapping into a vast network of resourceful people to help catalyse social change and growth in Africa, advocates a network of doing good business with good people as we do good in our world.

At present I am fortunate to be employed in a company, Comtel Communications,  which has

an altruistic mind-set & dedication to a project which energizes a strong passion in me. (Schools eNetwork Trust) uses the resources of our commercial company to provide schools in the Cape Province with free Wireless Internet. We are going through the process of being registered as a Trust with PBO status, in order to pool in stakeholders for further resources to provide e-Learning, VoIP PBX and further resources for our schools in the future. I am hoping that the 2 years I spent in Nigeria, on a similar project will help in furthering this project.

The pilot project started in September 2011 to provide free Internet access to over 80 schools in the Cape Peninsula. Driven by our director who is a retired school teacher, we have dedicated over R1 million in resources to this project & it is gaining momentum (incl. government educational departments and affiliates interest).

Stake holders at present are: Comtel & their staff, Scoop Distribution (Cape Town). We gratefully accept your assistance, advice & broadcasting the message out there to potential stake holders.SENT brochure is available in MyBox filesharing on this page ->

Thanks for your interest, and lets hope we can all support and learn from each other, as collaboration is the key to a successful NGO project!

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We are living in exponential times….Mind blowing Trivia on Video!

These are all incredible trivia-packed presentations on the state of the world, but also note that the trivia has changed by the time it is presented, due to our rapidly changing world.  There are now two versions of “Did You Know 4.0″, released online in 2009 in response to “Shift Happens, Did You Know?”, a presentation developed by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod and Jeff Brenman in 2007.

Back in 2007 Karl Fisch presented an eight minute PowerPoint presentation for staff development at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado. Fisch used content from David Warlick, Thomas Friedman, Ian Jukes and Ray Kurzweil, tying it together with music from Last of The Mohicans. Scott McLeod adapted the presentation by removing many of the school-specific slides and reformatting it in a number of formats.

This completely new December 2009 version, designed by XPLANE, includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist. The video encourages viewers to visit, and Music is “Home Tonight”, by DoKashiteru.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

Richard Sanders, President of Sony BMG International, presented this version of Shift Happens on 4 May 2008, to 150 of the company’s top executives gathered in Rome for Sony BMG’s annual Global Management Meeting.

The video was used to illustrate the global demand for change, reinforcing Sony BMG’s mission to improve the music experience for consumers living in “exponential times”. The final sentence drives home the need for music companies to take into account the importance of digital music downloads. Soundtrack is “Right Here Right Now” by Fatboy Slim.

The Newly Revised Edition

Brothers Darren Bachynski and Jared Bachynski have produced their own update on “Did You Know?”, titled “4.0 for 2009 Globalization & Our Changing Planet”.

The key to watching this version is to keep going right to the end. Once you’ve read the final sentence, everything falls into perspective.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube (HD)

Talking about trivia… these statistics are from 2009. Imagine what they will be like in 10 years time ?

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Social Media for Social Good

Social media is now the fastest-growing form of communication in history. It recently surpassed email as the primary form of electronic communication.

Consumer trust in paid advertising has flat lined. People are demanding deeper dialog with brands. Social media is the fastest-growing form of communication in history, but there is a wide chasm between good and great social media.

Social media represents an enormous market opportunity, and while there are some great social media experts and consultants out there, few understand how to drive tangible results and ROI for their clients. We do. Because it’s all we do. We are the preeminent social media agency in America. Here are a few reasons why:

We know this business cold. We focus on social media 24/7/365. In social media, there is a wide chasm between knowing and doing. In order to craft and execute a savvy social media campaign, one must be savvy in social media. You’ve got to be in there, digging into the platforms yourself before you can do it for someone else. CyberAfrica is a prolific social media influencer. He is in the trenches of social media.

We never take on more business than we can handle. Social media requires a careful, consistent application. An agency cannot juggle 20+ clients and expect to give them the service they deserve. People on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN…have very sensitive antennae. They know if you mean it. We get at the heart of our client’s brand messages, so that we can produce the best results. We hand-select a few “best-of-class,” non-competing clients — and we provide them with unmatched service and unsurpassed results.

We focus on social media (but we understand PR and earned media as well). With the jaw-dropping growth of social media, most pr firms are rushing into social media and cobbling together their approach. They talk a good game, but they don’t always walk the walk. Traditional pr tactics are sometimes unethical to a successful social media program. But, we are not social media zealots. We know how important, and impactful, traditional print and broadcast media can be – since our Founder and CEO is a member of the African media! We have a trump card few PR firms can do.

We make our clients lives simpler, not more complex. Social media can seem downright daunting. We make sense of social media and we help our clients get the most out of it — in the least amount of time. We distill social media down to its essence and focus on the best social media platforms for our clients.

We are pioneering a new category. Monetizing social media while building brand loyalty is a bit of a highwire act. It requires a deft touch. It’s something we do very well on behalf of our clients.

* We are ruthlessly data-driven. Most social media agencies push the “brand value” message of social media. They do a fancy dance and explain how the value is “getting the word out” and “engaging with your audience.” True. There is brand value in engaging social media. But for it to drive revenue, you must constantly measure, hone and refine. You need to dig into the sentiment analysis tools, Tweetdeck, Meteor Tracker and TubeMogul to see which Tweets, which Facebook posts, which YouTube videos are gaining traction, resonating with your audience and driving sales. Got that? Driving. Sales. Most people say social media cannot be — or needn’t be — measured. We could not more stringently disagree. Social media ROI can be tracked, should be tracked and ought to be honed and refined week over week. And we are fanatical about doing that for our clients.
* We start where most agencies end. Once you establish a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a uStream channel and a WordPress website and blog, the work just begins. We invest the necessary time to bring our clients up to speed, explain best practices — and give them all of the tools they need to optimize their social media marketing programs.
* We care — and we work harder than any social media agency. For every client we bring on, we respectfully decline several. That is because we treasure our clients. When we work with a brand, it means we love them and the way they do business. If our clients have a problem or question, we get back to them within minutes, not hours or days. Fewer clients may not lead to better profits, but it does lead to better results.
* We have what no agency has. We have an A-list social media influencer at the helm who works personally with our clients. Ian, with the support of his team, produce stellar results for our clients in both social and traditional media.
* We do good business as we do good in the world. We believe” good for our world” can indeed be “good for business.”

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CyberAfrica chosen to do Digital Marketing campaign for London to Cape Town epic journey for Riders for Health

Deon Friis, a Cape Town based engineer, left London yesterday (on his birthday) on an epic motorcycle journey on a Inspired by Ewan McGregor. A local South African working as an engineer in London for the last 6 months, he is travelling solo across 11 African countries, over 55 days, on a BMW RS 1200 GS motorbike, in aid of the charity Riders for Health. Please support this wonderful cause, to raise funding ‘Riders for Health’ which is a non-governmental organization dedicated to reaching communities in rural Africa with health care on a regular basis by establishing an infrastructure of reliable and sustainable transportation. Riders for Health mobilise health workers from ministries of health and local organizations, enabling them to reach outlying communities with vital and often life-saving health care.

CyberAfrica has been chosen to provide all digital marketing via social media for this epic journey. We are excited to provide live updates, using the best technologies available on the Internet. Social Media is the pre-eminent social media marketing in the world today— and we are leading the way in “social media for social good.”

CyberAfrica coalesces the strengths of traditional and social media to help its clients –- best-of-class brands, socially-conscious companies and leading charitable organizations elevate brand equity, drive revenue, boost donations, build brand evangelism and catalyze social change. We do good business with good people as we do good in our world.

We are not a public relations firm wearing a social media hat. We are a highly-effective, highly-selective social media firm that helps brands get the most out of social media — whatever their business, whatever their goals. We hand-select a few best-of-class clients each year, which enables us to provide unequalled service and unmatched results.

Social media also gives you the opportunity to tell your own story in your own way. You’re not limited to “the story you think you can sell to the reporter.”

Ian Anderson, the owner and founder of CyberAfrica, chatted to Deon before he left London yesterday. Deon has put everything on line; he has resigned from his job in London, all his personal savings are being used for the trans-African trip, and his wife just lost her job in Cape Town. They also have a three year old daughter to support, but his philanthropic motivation for this cause is very important to him. Speaking to his wife Leone in Cape Town this morning, she supports Deon 100% with what he is doing, and being a South Africa male, she says he needs to follow through his adventurous spirit, and she looks forward to a content Deon when he arrives back.

Follow Deon’s journey on his London 2 The Cape site , and please help donate to the wonderful cause. All donations can be made through a Paypal account for Riders for Health, and we are in the process of opening a South African bank account and credit card donation link.

The South African,a media mag for South African’s in London, spoke to Deon about the journey and his cause. See The South African article.

One can also follow Deon’s live comments on his Twitter account and see the Riders for Health website on what they worthy fundraising cause is about.

Bon Voyage Deon, we wish you God speed on your journey, and may there be many donations forthcoming!

From the CyberAfrica team!

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CyberAfrica – “Social Media for Social Good in Africa”

CyberAfrica is a B2B dedicated to the promotion and implementation enabling technologies for development throughout Africa. We use social media as the main thrust to maximise this goal.

Social Media is the pre-eminent social media marketing in the world today— and we are leading the way in “social media for social good in Africa.”

Social Media is the pre-eminent social media marketing in the world today— and we are leading the way in “social media for social good in Africa.”

We are a group of talented, passionate specialists who resolutely believe that social media can unleash the greatest good our world has ever seen. We saw it everyday, and we see it among the millions of people we reach each month across our social media platforms. CyberAfrica coalesces the strengths of traditional and social media to help its clients –- best-of-class brands, socially-conscious companies and leading charitable organizations elevate brand equity, drive revenue, boost donations, build brand evangelism and catalyze social change. We do good business with good people as we do good in our world.

We are not a public relations firm wearing a social media hat. We are a highly-effective, highly-selective social media firm that helps brands get the most out of social media — whatever their business, whatever their goals. We hand-select a few best-of-class clients each year,which enables us to provide unequalled service and unmatched results

Social media represents the most seismic shift in the history of business. It is the fastest-growing form of communication in history — and it allows word-of-mouth to spread orders-of-magnitude faster than ever before. This means that “small town rules” apply once again. In other words, everyone knows what you’re saying. If your brand is good, the world will find out and do business with you. If you’re disingenuous, the world will find out and ignore you — or worse: punish you for it. Everyone has a voice now; do not underestimate the new “power of one.“

Doubt the power of social media? We have two words for you: Barack Obama. In 2004, few people had heard that name.

Within four years, the man would outpace the most well-oiled, well-entrenched political machine of our generation (The Clintons) and then proceed to steamroll his competition right into the While House. In. Four. Years. How did he do it? Soaring oratory and social media.

The heart of the business seeks and introduces technologies which would enhance a large proportion of the developing Africa’s population (the BoP or “Base of the Pyramid”)

By providing social media platforms with value adds with collaboration, will assist as being one of the many catalysts, to unleash the enormous wealth potential, Africa has to offer..

Embracing the true needs of the people is the key, thereby enabling entrepreneurship, empowering its people and communities. All technologies must have a direct & positive influence on people, and do not need to be cutting edge.

Our aim is to continually develop strategic partners with the best of breed ethical personalities and products, seeking common grounds with all parties involved, to minimise barriers of entry into markets and communities.

All the above will be a catalyst in enabling Africa to provide a platform to realise and unleash its full potential.

At present, we are committed to ICT and Cause Development in Africa within the following sectors: Education, Health & Welfare,Telecoms,Technology & Transformation

CyberAfrica promotes and is a signatory of the Constitution of Unashamedly Ethical ( , by committing ourselves and or our organizations to clean and ethical living and practices. We encourage our clients and associates to join our vision.

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