Write On Dry erase white / green board films

high-performance self adhesive dry erase wall covering offers a number of different ways to resurface existing worn and tired whiteboards or chalkboards or to resurface smooth office walls to create full-height or full-length dry erase walls. It has been engineered to provide exceptional durability and ease of installation.

Resurface White / Chalkboards                                            Flexible and Direct to walls

We truly believe that once you’ve tried Write On, you won’t want to use any other dry erase product or board available on the market today. It’s so easy to install, easy to use, so easy to remove and the dry erase writing surface fantastic!

See a black board before and after applying Write On:

Write On Before application on a blackboard

Write On After application

Contact CyberAfrica to get this DIY magic product at very competitive pricing.


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