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Small Ideas can make a huge impact

Small ideas can make a huge impact. IT activist Ory Okollah shares her experience with CNN about her Ushahidi software which was initially developed to report humanitarian crime in Africa, but saved thousands of lives in Haiti.

See http://afrinnovator.com/2010/08/24/ory-okolloh-co-founder-of-ushahidi-talks-to-cnns-africanvoices/


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Social Media for Social Good

Social media is now the fastest-growing form of communication in history. It recently surpassed email as the primary form of electronic communication.

Consumer trust in paid advertising has flat lined. People are demanding deeper dialog with brands. Social media is the fastest-growing form of communication in history, but there is a wide chasm between good and great social media.

Social media represents an enormous market opportunity, and while there are some great social media experts and consultants out there, few understand how to drive tangible results and ROI for their clients. We do. Because it’s all we do. We are the preeminent social media agency in America. Here are a few reasons why:

We know this business cold. We focus on social media 24/7/365. In social media, there is a wide chasm between knowing and doing. In order to craft and execute a savvy social media campaign, one must be savvy in social media. You’ve got to be in there, digging into the platforms yourself before you can do it for someone else. CyberAfrica is a prolific social media influencer. He is in the trenches of social media.

We never take on more business than we can handle. Social media requires a careful, consistent application. An agency cannot juggle 20+ clients and expect to give them the service they deserve. People on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN…have very sensitive antennae. They know if you mean it. We get at the heart of our client’s brand messages, so that we can produce the best results. We hand-select a few “best-of-class,” non-competing clients — and we provide them with unmatched service and unsurpassed results.

We focus on social media (but we understand PR and earned media as well). With the jaw-dropping growth of social media, most pr firms are rushing into social media and cobbling together their approach. They talk a good game, but they don’t always walk the walk. Traditional pr tactics are sometimes unethical to a successful social media program. But, we are not social media zealots. We know how important, and impactful, traditional print and broadcast media can be – since our Founder and CEO is a member of the African media! We have a trump card few PR firms can do.

We make our clients lives simpler, not more complex. Social media can seem downright daunting. We make sense of social media and we help our clients get the most out of it — in the least amount of time. We distill social media down to its essence and focus on the best social media platforms for our clients.

We are pioneering a new category. Monetizing social media while building brand loyalty is a bit of a highwire act. It requires a deft touch. It’s something we do very well on behalf of our clients.

* We are ruthlessly data-driven. Most social media agencies push the “brand value” message of social media. They do a fancy dance and explain how the value is “getting the word out” and “engaging with your audience.” True. There is brand value in engaging social media. But for it to drive revenue, you must constantly measure, hone and refine. You need to dig into the sentiment analysis tools, Tweetdeck, Meteor Tracker and TubeMogul to see which Tweets, which Facebook posts, which YouTube videos are gaining traction, resonating with your audience and driving sales. Got that? Driving. Sales. Most people say social media cannot be — or needn’t be — measured. We could not more stringently disagree. Social media ROI can be tracked, should be tracked and ought to be honed and refined week over week. And we are fanatical about doing that for our clients.
* We start where most agencies end. Once you establish a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a uStream channel and a WordPress website and blog, the work just begins. We invest the necessary time to bring our clients up to speed, explain best practices — and give them all of the tools they need to optimize their social media marketing programs.
* We care — and we work harder than any social media agency. For every client we bring on, we respectfully decline several. That is because we treasure our clients. When we work with a brand, it means we love them and the way they do business. If our clients have a problem or question, we get back to them within minutes, not hours or days. Fewer clients may not lead to better profits, but it does lead to better results.
* We have what no agency has. We have an A-list social media influencer at the helm who works personally with our clients. Ian, with the support of his team, produce stellar results for our clients in both social and traditional media.
* We do good business as we do good in the world. We believe” good for our world” can indeed be “good for business.”

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