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SA National budget is not adequate to fund children’s constitutional rights

ImageThe latest Children’s Institute of South Africa costing report reveals in 2005, SA government was funding only 25% of the cost of implementing the old Child Care Act. Social welfare services for children are grossly under-funded in SA.

In the context on an on-going economic crisis and on-going high levels of unemployment, families are under material and psychological stress to make ends meet. Under these conditions children are at even greater risk of vulnerability, under-development, abandonment, neglect and abuse.

Growing the budget allocations for programmes and services that strengthen and support vulnerable families will lessen this risk and keep children safe.

The Children’s Act of South Africa is the primary law for realising children’s constitutional rights to care, protection and social services. It obliges government to provide and fund a comprehensive range of social welfare services for children and their families.

These include programme’s to strengthen families so as to prevent abuse, abandonment and neglect of children; protection and therapy for children who have been harmed; and alternative care for children who cannot live with their families.The seventh annual analysis of whether the national budget is adequate to fund these services is now available – You be the judge….See more at: http://www.ci.org.za/#sthash.kHHFmQXY.dpuf or view the full report on http://goo.gl/E30FKI



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