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CyberAfrica – “Social Media for Social Good in Africa”

CyberAfrica is a B2B dedicated to the promotion and implementation enabling technologies for development throughout Africa. We use social media as the main thrust to maximise this goal.

Social Media is the pre-eminent social media marketing in the world today— and we are leading the way in “social media for social good in Africa.”

Social Media is the pre-eminent social media marketing in the world today— and we are leading the way in “social media for social good in Africa.”

We are a group of talented, passionate specialists who resolutely believe that social media can unleash the greatest good our world has ever seen. We saw it everyday, and we see it among the millions of people we reach each month across our social media platforms. CyberAfrica coalesces the strengths of traditional and social media to help its clients –- best-of-class brands, socially-conscious companies and leading charitable organizations elevate brand equity, drive revenue, boost donations, build brand evangelism and catalyze social change. We do good business with good people as we do good in our world.

We are not a public relations firm wearing a social media hat. We are a highly-effective, highly-selective social media firm that helps brands get the most out of social media — whatever their business, whatever their goals. We hand-select a few best-of-class clients each year,which enables us to provide unequalled service and unmatched results

Social media represents the most seismic shift in the history of business. It is the fastest-growing form of communication in history — and it allows word-of-mouth to spread orders-of-magnitude faster than ever before. This means that “small town rules” apply once again. In other words, everyone knows what you’re saying. If your brand is good, the world will find out and do business with you. If you’re disingenuous, the world will find out and ignore you — or worse: punish you for it. Everyone has a voice now; do not underestimate the new “power of one.“

Doubt the power of social media? We have two words for you: Barack Obama. In 2004, few people had heard that name.

Within four years, the man would outpace the most well-oiled, well-entrenched political machine of our generation (The Clintons) and then proceed to steamroll his competition right into the While House. In. Four. Years. How did he do it? Soaring oratory and social media.

The heart of the business seeks and introduces technologies which would enhance a large proportion of the developing Africa’s population (the BoP or “Base of the Pyramid”)

By providing social media platforms with value adds with collaboration, will assist as being one of the many catalysts, to unleash the enormous wealth potential, Africa has to offer..

Embracing the true needs of the people is the key, thereby enabling entrepreneurship, empowering its people and communities. All technologies must have a direct & positive influence on people, and do not need to be cutting edge.

Our aim is to continually develop strategic partners with the best of breed ethical personalities and products, seeking common grounds with all parties involved, to minimise barriers of entry into markets and communities.

All the above will be a catalyst in enabling Africa to provide a platform to realise and unleash its full potential.

At present, we are committed to ICT and Cause Development in Africa within the following sectors: Education, Health & Welfare,Telecoms,Technology & Transformation

CyberAfrica promotes and is a signatory of the Constitution of Unashamedly Ethical (www.unashamedlyethical.com) , by committing ourselves and or our organizations to clean and ethical living and practices. We encourage our clients and associates to join our vision.

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