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A must do to prevent hacking of your Google, Facebook,Microsoft & more online Apps – Two-factor authentication for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and more

Don’t think you don’t have to do this, as hacking is very serious today. Please sort your online security, be proactive to prevent huge disappointment, and prevent being hacked. Prevention is better than cure. I have all read enough about are Facebook account profiles being compromised over the last few months, and other horrific hacking disapointments. Please go to http://goo.gl/diRH1L , go through the steps for your various online services and get peace of mind.

Two-factor authentication may not be as sexy as the latest Android phone , but the technology is capturing news headlines, and deservedly so. Last week, Microsoft began rolling out this security tool for its some 700 million Microsoft Account users. Tuesday Wired reported  Twitter is working on two-factor authentication as well.

It’s a security feature that could have stopped hackers at the gate before they seized control of the Associated Press Twitter account, and it’s something you should be using to protect your own online accounts, wherever it’s available.

So how does two-factor authentication work? In a nutshell, it requires not one but two pieces of privileged information before granting access to an online account…a bit like online banking.

Read and implement this process from  http://goo.gl/diRH1L, it’s worth it to action by going through the easy picture and text guide!

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August 7, 2013 · 3:21 pm

Spotlight on Social Media engaging and helping stamp out Crime and Corruption in SA.

Image  In the spirit of what I am trying to achieve on the CyberAfrica blog, I am definately and humbled not to be in a vacuum, and must admiraly comment on how the local web in SA has gone viral in mass, on trying to counteract Crime and Corruption in South Africa.

There are many groups tirelessly and persistant in trying to stamp out the huge exponential rise in crime and corruption in our vulnerable country. From Facebook, Twitter, Websites, RSS Feeds, You Tube and many blogs, there has been a counteractive, counter resistance group, rise up from the people against all odds, who do want to make a real difference. A local blogger I can comment on is Jeremy Farrell.

It’s very encouraging to say the least, that we have reached a stage where crime and corruption are being reported and broadcasted live, where all have a say, and it’s comes with a warm heart to know, that most South African citizens are voicing their dismay and discontent about the unruly, including certain members and people holding onto power in our government.

  Although the Clem Sunters and First Rand Founder Paul Harris’s (see Don’t Stress about SA) , paint a relatively positive future for our Economy, what is the point of having an economy when charlatan’s are eating away the very base and foundation of our community fiscal strongholds? Not being sinical but, how does it help comment on positive change in our country, when the moral fiber of our supposed leadership is being devoured and eaten away by greed, nepotism, undue enrichment,self entitlement and huge moral decay.

I truly believe that a “litmus test” to show how one’s government is taking a moral stand and accountability for it’s people, is measured by how it’s own people. less empowered ,community leaders and people are having to tackle more community responsibilities, and provision them by themselves,and need to be more aware and engaged. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If the government is losing it’s grip on providing a safe haven for it’s people, the people will create one by themselves. This has been seen time and time again in 3rd World countries, but here comes the advent of easily, fast and available technology, individuals are now empowered to make a difference, good or bad…”The Good Digital Divide” is happening and let’s pray “the good” prevails and grows from strength to strength.

  A had a few exciting developments started in 2007, with the warfare and sabotage on corruption and these forces becoming more apparent on our radar screens, the Net tools (weapons and ammunition) have exponentionally evolved in SA. One of the catalysts, I need to mention is from Graham Power‘s planting a seed by sharing  his personal and spiritual vindication, with http://www.unashamedlyethical.com.  This organisation creating a business leaders  pledge and awareness campaign, promoting a Christian ethos against unethical business practice asking owners and customers to join the rise up against this Samson called corruption.

The SARS has been on the ball a web link for anybody to report any suspicious business or fraudulent activity on www.sars.gov.za/home.asp?pid=218. Then followed by a direct live community based interactive reporting portal which was originally (and ironically)  for traffic fine camera warnings, to prevent the public from being speed trapped or held up at a police road block. It  has now evolved into a full blown community driven crime and corruption broadcast,  live from all walks (literally from mobile phones) of life in SA including police and paramedics on the scene of each tragedy. “A community driven policing force”, if one would call it. See  www.PublicServant.co.za and http://www.facebook.com/TrafficWC. It’s interesting, good always seems to rise above bad in the collective community sense.

  Missing Children SA, started the good fight against human trafficking, to provide a structure of re-active support to the family, authorities and other NGO’s when a person goes missing; To provide pro-active national awareness to children and their families, media, authorities, communities and schools.  – Missing Children SA is fulfilling a huge void, and has a highly important and powerful role in our society .

It’s scary when one Googles human trafficking in Africa, a common problem around the world, but rampant in this continent due to corrupt migration systems, officials and lack of policing.  Good sites to take up the cause are http://stoptraffickingofpeople.wordpress.com/, concerning South Africa Human trafficking go to http://redlightweb.co.za/ The statistics are frightening to say the least, see: Just Saskia, Stop Trafficking People, or UNESCO‘s Report on Child Trafficking.

Not to mention for the love of our furry friends ther is also https://www.facebook.com/MissingPetsZA/info

  There are many to mention and too many to thank and applaud for this boom of social entrepeneurship, I have not even included The New Era Economic Rights Alliance which is fighting the good battle for everyone , seeking transparency in the banking and corporate sector in SA. Protecting you & I against unscrupulous financial corporates and conglomerates, who have, and are colluding and taking advantage of the ordinary man in the street, billing them unecessary, taking away their homes and life savings, in the name of greed and profit, all this by mere small written contract clauses,which surpass our basic constitutional rights. Have you known about a bank who will reach out a hand to us, during financial lows?…No, not I, just even to protect our family and provide a sheltered home, that is not written in the contract, sorry Sir, pay up or you and your family is on the street!

Then comes, Corruption Watch (CW)  which was invited to make a presentation at the Institute for Security Studies’ international conference on crime and criminal justice on Friday, 26/10/2012

Within three days of Corruption Watch’s launch on 26 January 2012, more than 70 reports relating to metro cop bribery, allegations of nepotism and driving-licence corruption had been received from across South Africa, the presentation reads.

A total of 945 reports of corruption have been lodged with the organisation between 1 January* and 30 September this year, according to the presentation titled Citizens reporting corruption in South Africa: reports received by Corruption Watch.

http://twitter.com/Corruption_SA  is one of the many interactive social media platforms, which gives the public a very powerful voice, it empowers our communities, gives us all a vote of confidence,a huge leap into the Digital Age, but most of all, proving that most out there have an inclination towards contributing towards social good, showing a geniune care towards our fellow beings, our neighbours, our watchers, our service providers, and of course protecting our family. The arrival of the neighbourhood watch are on Uber Digital scale has arrived! Even as I write this blog, Google has launched a Hurrican Map and reporting site for Hurrican Sandy.


A similar watchdog is Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) on  http://www.jp-sa.org/, JPSA has established a prominent foothold and reputation in protecting and fighting for the rights of motorists and is widely recognised as the only “motorists’ rights” organisation that has both, the guts and capacity to represent the motoring public in addressing these issues. Their Facebook link is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-Project-South-Africa-JPSA/107912058847?ref=ts&fref=ts

The founder in South Africa of taking the community policing to the Internet is eBlockwatch, which is on URL: http://www.eblockwatch.co.za/. eBlockwatch has been very innovative in combatting crime and protecting our vulnerable citizens in a crime ridden society. From protecting tourists visiting South Africa, to tracking down stolen goods, and of course people, using cloud and mobile software tools, eblockwatch is a network of more than 83 000 South Africans looking out for each other and our tourists. There Facebook link is: http://www.facebook.com/groups/102575386217/

For the hard workers, who want to know that that their sweat & blood went into paying taxes for the right reasons, for the parents who are looking for their lost loved ones,for the community builders, for the police, for the security watchmen, for the paramedics, for the teachers, for our churches, and lastly for our government, society is becoming engaged in mass, engaged to protect and nurture one another . It’s simple, poor governance=corruption=disparity 7 disorder= break down of law and order= rise up of the masses=factions=unrest=protecting ones civil rights=creates solidarity = fighting for cause= protecting your neighbours=public engagement=collaborating=creating awareness = the peoples voice (media) =using the best tools and groups to go viral=using online social networking. And hopefully a democratic driven mediation for better governance.

So, whatever your cause is, online groups, social media can at least empower you or your social cause, to actively partake and polic your local neighbourhood, your community and in the case of South Africa at present, our government!

We hope and pray that the voice of the people, and technology brings a better future and equality for all in SA.

I will end this blog with the quotations on the Justice Project South Africa’s website: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, all that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men and woman to do nothing, what lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.”

Some good reference websites on reporting and fighting the “good” fight:

My next detailed Blog post, will be about the big global move towards Social Entrepreneurship.

Happy Blogging!

This is CyberAfrica reporting on “Social media for Social Good. ”

Social entrepreneurship is the recognition of a social problem and the uses of entrepreneurial principles to organise, create and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change.

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Small Ideas can make a huge impact

Small ideas can make a huge impact. IT activist Ory Okollah shares her experience with CNN about her Ushahidi software which was initially developed to report humanitarian crime in Africa, but saved thousands of lives in Haiti.

See http://afrinnovator.com/2010/08/24/ory-okolloh-co-founder-of-ushahidi-talks-to-cnns-africanvoices/


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Social Media for Social Good

Social media is now the fastest-growing form of communication in history. It recently surpassed email as the primary form of electronic communication.

Consumer trust in paid advertising has flat lined. People are demanding deeper dialog with brands. Social media is the fastest-growing form of communication in history, but there is a wide chasm between good and great social media.

Social media represents an enormous market opportunity, and while there are some great social media experts and consultants out there, few understand how to drive tangible results and ROI for their clients. We do. Because it’s all we do. We are the preeminent social media agency in America. Here are a few reasons why:

We know this business cold. We focus on social media 24/7/365. In social media, there is a wide chasm between knowing and doing. In order to craft and execute a savvy social media campaign, one must be savvy in social media. You’ve got to be in there, digging into the platforms yourself before you can do it for someone else. CyberAfrica is a prolific social media influencer. He is in the trenches of social media.

We never take on more business than we can handle. Social media requires a careful, consistent application. An agency cannot juggle 20+ clients and expect to give them the service they deserve. People on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN…have very sensitive antennae. They know if you mean it. We get at the heart of our client’s brand messages, so that we can produce the best results. We hand-select a few “best-of-class,” non-competing clients — and we provide them with unmatched service and unsurpassed results.

We focus on social media (but we understand PR and earned media as well). With the jaw-dropping growth of social media, most pr firms are rushing into social media and cobbling together their approach. They talk a good game, but they don’t always walk the walk. Traditional pr tactics are sometimes unethical to a successful social media program. But, we are not social media zealots. We know how important, and impactful, traditional print and broadcast media can be – since our Founder and CEO is a member of the African media! We have a trump card few PR firms can do.

We make our clients lives simpler, not more complex. Social media can seem downright daunting. We make sense of social media and we help our clients get the most out of it — in the least amount of time. We distill social media down to its essence and focus on the best social media platforms for our clients.

We are pioneering a new category. Monetizing social media while building brand loyalty is a bit of a highwire act. It requires a deft touch. It’s something we do very well on behalf of our clients.

* We are ruthlessly data-driven. Most social media agencies push the “brand value” message of social media. They do a fancy dance and explain how the value is “getting the word out” and “engaging with your audience.” True. There is brand value in engaging social media. But for it to drive revenue, you must constantly measure, hone and refine. You need to dig into the sentiment analysis tools, Tweetdeck, Meteor Tracker and TubeMogul to see which Tweets, which Facebook posts, which YouTube videos are gaining traction, resonating with your audience and driving sales. Got that? Driving. Sales. Most people say social media cannot be — or needn’t be — measured. We could not more stringently disagree. Social media ROI can be tracked, should be tracked and ought to be honed and refined week over week. And we are fanatical about doing that for our clients.
* We start where most agencies end. Once you establish a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a uStream channel and a WordPress website and blog, the work just begins. We invest the necessary time to bring our clients up to speed, explain best practices — and give them all of the tools they need to optimize their social media marketing programs.
* We care — and we work harder than any social media agency. For every client we bring on, we respectfully decline several. That is because we treasure our clients. When we work with a brand, it means we love them and the way they do business. If our clients have a problem or question, we get back to them within minutes, not hours or days. Fewer clients may not lead to better profits, but it does lead to better results.
* We have what no agency has. We have an A-list social media influencer at the helm who works personally with our clients. Ian, with the support of his team, produce stellar results for our clients in both social and traditional media.
* We do good business as we do good in the world. We believe” good for our world” can indeed be “good for business.”

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